Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Big EastDAQ


Big win upset win over WVU speaks for itself, plus we love how he took on the haters in the media by openly questioning their agendas.

Dantonio- Buy

Don't look now, but the Bearcats are one win from bowl eligibility. The Bearcats are for real, but are there any fans out there?


Still a hot commodity. You can't win them all Rich and the Mountaineers are sure to put a hurting the rest of their opponents. I'm not so secretly hoping that they meet up with Big East "alum" in the Gator Bowl.

Schiano- Buy

Appearances at halftime during the WVU-'Ville game, an appearance on Cold Pizza and numerous other appearances have him as a red hot commodity at the moment. If he can get a win in Piscataway this week he'll be reaching towards otherworldly levels of hype.


Great win against Pitt, but the blog still isn't sold.


This guy could sell diet pills to Nicole Ritchey. How Syracuse can recruit like it is while not enjoying much success on the field is almost phenomenal.


Pitt isn't looking as scary as it did at the start of the season. Pitt fans should be worried after this latest breakdown. The recruiting class looks great again, but can Wanny do anything with them?


Not winning games against anyone of note. The recruiting class is not getting anyone's attention. At least UConn fans won't have to worry about him getting lured away to greener pastures anytime soon.


Papa Johns Cardinal Stadium-Buy

Black Outs-Sell

Colin Cowherd-Dump it all

You've come a long way baby

The Wall Street Journal has a great article today about Louisville's worthiness:


If there is one thing that is being exposed among the banter of the various college football experts around the country, is that the voting and the agendas are all local. The above article just shows that the local papers down south are simply mouthpieces for the SEC when the going gets tough.....

The good folks in Dixie would just counter that The Big East enjoys the bias that the eastern media establishment provides, and my response would be to look at last season. The Big East was getting slammed from every direction possible to include the major so called "eastern" outlets.

So last season the conference was fighting for BCS cred, and this season it's fighting for BCS Championship cred.... What a long way we have come I say.

Edsall the Edumacator

There's been some feathers ruffled over UConn Honcho Randy Edsall's recent comments about the challenges he faces in recruiting. In regards to Syracuse, Pitt and Rutgers Edsall said:

"Those schools can get some kids in that wouldn't be able to be successful academically here," he told the paper. "They have some places to hide [kids who aren't good students]."

In response, the infinitely awkward Dave Wannstedt replied:

"It is real simple, look at the graduates from the University of Pittsburgh, and it speaks for itself. I wouldn't even go any further than that."


Edsall's comments are hilarious and show a spectacular lack of situational awareness. Sure OK, UConn is more academically rigorous than it was eight years ago, but it's not like Pitt, SU and Rutgers have players that are getting into fights off campus, committing credit card fraud, shooting pellet guns while out on the town etc....

It's a shame Coach Edsall couldn't find a way to make his point without bringing up other member institutions of the Big East. It's probably a valid point, but it was made rather poorly.